Interior Design, Building & Renovations

Vishay Interiors has a passion for creating personalized spaces. We design, build and optimize living areas according to each individual client’s needs and specifications. Our renovated spaces are designed and built to capture the spirit of “home” and what exactly that means to the client.

We ensure that our kitchen, bathroom and dental surgery renovation projects are created with functionality, comfort and specific decorative elements in mind. We are experts in turning your visions and dreams into reality.

Our unique approach to taking on new renovation projects includes getting to know you and your energy to accurately make informative design choices based on your needs and personality.

Allow us to work closely together with you to help build your dream space.

Home Visit

Every project begins with an experienced consultant meeting you at your home. During this meeting we will listen to your wants and needs to develop a reasonable project scope and budget.

Project Development

Our development phase includes presenting designs for you project and continuing to refine your conceptual plan and budget. We will then establish a start and completion date and book dates for showroom visits to handle all selection of items required for the project.

Construction Agreement

Once all your decisions have been made and designs are complete we will present you with a detailed construction agreement for approval. You will then review the complete scope of work to ensure that all you selections are complete and documented.

Our Commitment

Following completion of your project we give you any necessary feedback. We then ask you to fill out a client satisfaction survey and schedule any necessary follow up visits.


Because you project manager and tradesmen are on the same team, you don’t have to juggle multiple companies. For design feedback, changes, budgeting and billing, Vishay Interiors is your one stop solution.


Because all our customers are individuals, we look at the personal requirements of their needs. We believe no renovation is too big or too small.